Saturday, October 11, 2008

Book Marks

Book Marks~
I made these book marks using images I had drawn. I water colored them in then reduced the images on Adobe and formatted them to book mark form.

I have them printed at Staples and hot laminated so they are good and durable. I sell them as sets on Ebay and my web site.

Water Bottle Bag

Water Bottle Bag~
I made this bag using muslin fabric. I sewed it to fit my recycled tea bottle and me! I stamped it randomly with varied stamps from the Earth Keeper sheet using Memories ink. These are all of my own designs.

Lindseys Craft Zone

Lindseys Craft Zone~
I made this as a gift for my friend Lindsey. Its a cheap plaque from Walmart that I painted brown and scratched up with sand paper. I then stamped hearts in pink paint and lips in tan.
The large letters are wooden letters painted pink and super glued to the plaque. I put stick on jems in the corners, fibers as a way to hang it and a little Stickles to bling it up.

USA + Japan

USA + Japan~
I stamped this card for my step son who was serving in the Marines and was stationed in Japan.
Its stamped in Memories ink on glossy paper.

Army man 2X

Army Man~
This image was drawn by my step son, Aaron. Above I layered the image over a random seriers of stars and colored it with markers.
Below, I did the same thing but used camo paper.
This stamp can be found on my Patriotic sheet.

4th of July

4th of July~
This is an image I aquired and that now is part of my Patriotic sheet. The backround was stamped in white on navy. The boy is colored with markers.

Snow Flake Bird House

Snow Flake Bird House~
Here is a bird house that I painted blue and stamped in white paint. These stamps are part of my Christmas collection.

Man walking in fall

Man walking in fall~
I drew this man when I was in junior high. Here he is stamped on white and layered with burlap and recycled paper leaves. Behind it all there is a leaf image randomly stamped. This man is on the Man sheet.

Panic Note

Panic Note~
I did not draw this image but it is part of my Man collection. Here I stamped it in pigment ink and embossed it with clear powder. I layered it over crumpled receipts.


I stamped these grapes on a scrap of water colored Create-A-Background paper. Then I cut them out and layered over printed paper. The small grapes and the word are stamped in green dye ink. These stamps are on the Food sheet.

Tea Bag

Tea Bag~
I created this tea bag by scanning a real tea bag then altering the tag on Adobe. Here it is stamped on a vintage looking paper in a tea colored distress ink. It is layered and connected with gold brads. The tea bag is on the Tea Time sheet.

Rainbows Beauty

Rainbows Beauty Collage~
Here the quote was stamped in black then layered on varied papers that were torn and layered one over the other. A small doll was tied with fibers. The quote is available on on the Bahai Sheet.

Dancing couple 2 ways

Dancing couple~

Above the couple is layered on a doily and gold. Below it is layered on hand made paper.

This couple was draw in my 20s when I was dreaming about Mr. Perfect ;) Now they can be found on the Couples sheet.

Equality couple

Equality couple~
Here a random pattern of stars was staped then I overlayed a banner and the couple imae. I used stick on jems as 'brads'. The stars and couple can be found on the Bahai Sheets.

Two Hearts one love on pigment

Two Hearts one love on pigment~
This is a Create-A-Background using pigment on mat card stock. I stamped the couple over the top in dye blue then used pop dots to lift out the star.

Equality with vellum quote

Equality with vellum quote~
Here I stamped the couple image on white card stock then printed an overlay on vellum.
I drew this image for my Couples sheet

Family in polymer

Family in polymer~
This is a family stamped in polymer, dusted in chalks and sealed with Diamond Glaze.

Vintage Collage

Vintage Collage~
Here a vintage couple are randomly stamped on a tag. I stamped "congratulations" in rows along the back. It is layered on black and gold.

Young woman in hat on pigment

Young woman in hat on pigment~
Here the young woman was stamped on a background done on the Create-A-Background with pigment inks on mat card stock

Lady on black

Lady on black~
Here the lady is stamped in gold pigment on black. The word 'Lady' is embossed in gold.

Woman stamped collage

Woman stamped collage~
These woman were created by altering photos I took. All were stamped in black on glossy.

Animal Print woman

Animal Print woman~
This young woman and quote is stamped in Memories ink on glossy. She is part of the Woman sheet.

Vintage Woman Tag #2

Vintage Woman Tag #2~
Here this vintage woman is stamped in black on a tag and it is layered over a random pattern and tied with fibers.

Red Asian Girl

Red Asian Girl~
I drew this girl for the Big Girls sheet.

Amish Mothers Day

Amish Mothers Day~
This is the Amish version of the other Mother Daughter card. Here the cloud pattern is more obvious. I drew this image when I was invited to sell at an Amish farm show.

Mothers Day with large flower border

Mothers Day with large flower border~
For this card I first stamped the people on scrap and cut it out. Then I used that to mask the card so I could stamp the border. Then I stamped in the people and the words. Its all colored with water color pencil and dazeled with Stickles. Though its hard to see here, there is a chalked in cloud pattern in the background. The Mother and Daughter stamp was drawn for the Mothers Day Sheet.

Hair Girl Tag

Hair Girl Tag~
This image is one of the first of my Baha'i images. It is hugely popular! Here it is stamped in blue on a tag and layered on printed paper. This image is on the Big Girls sheet.

Vintage woman tag

Vintage woman tag~
The background of the card is printed paper. The woman is stamped in black on a basic tag. It is all layered on gold paper. The woman is on the Woman sheet.

Chalked Vellum Maternity

Chalked Vellum Maternity~
This image was stamped and embossed on vellum in black. I chalked the image from behind the vellum. This image was inspired by an earthy woman in a class I took. The image is now part of the Maturnity sheet.

Hat Woman in Alcohol Inks

Hat Woman in Alcohol Inks~
This is an alcohol ink technique on glossy paper. The woman is an old image available on the Woman sheet.

Dan Mobile

Dan Mobile~
This mobile is made from a embroidery hoop painted blue and stamped with images from the Sports page. The letters are those wooden letters from Walmart. They are painted and coated with Diamond Glaze and hung from chain links and with beads.

Rainbow Ballerina

Rainbow Ballerina~
This background is a Create-A-Background done in dye ink on glossy paper. I drew this ballerina as a doodly during a class I once took. It is stamped in blue dye ink. It is part of the Sports sheet.

Thinking of you bikes

Thinking of you bikes~
This is a Create-A-Background background in dye on glossy paper. The bikes are part of the Buildings & Transportation sheet.

Rugby Girl

Rugby Girl~
I drew this Rugby girl as a gift to my step daughter. It is now part of the Sports sheet.
The background is dye ink on mat cardstock done on the Create-A-Background.

Skate boarder

Skate Boarder~
I drew this image as a gift for my step son. It is now part of my Sports sheet.
The background is done with shaving cream and reinkers. The images are Memories black.

Lollipop Birthday

Lollipop Birthday~
This "Happy Birthday" is part of the Words sheet. I stamped a plaid stamp for the background then I crunched lollipop wrappers and stuck them on. The lollipop is wired on.

Swirly Hearts

Swirly Hearts~
I drew this heart as part of the Shapes and Borders sheet. The background was done on the Create-A-Background in dye on glossy. Two of the heats are stamped directly onto the background. The 3rd is stamped on a seperate piece of card stock in Stamp and Stick glue pad and covered in glitter. Its raised up on pop up dots.

Love block

Love block~
This is a design I did at the request of a customer. I covered the stamp in varied pigment inks...staring with light colors and working out to darker colors. Its embossed with clear powder. The background is a random pattern in blue dye ink.

Sympathy on brown

Sympathy on brown~
This stamp is part of my Sympathy sheet. The background is alcohol and dye ink on glossy card stock. The words are embossed in gold.

Reward card

I drew the background image. It is part of the Shapes and Borders sheet. This image is stamped in brown on gold paper. The border image is stamped in gold on black and the quote is black Memories. Brads hold the layers together.

Musical Mice paper piecing

Musical Mice paper piecing~
I drew these mice when I was 15. They are available on the Music sheet.

Little Dogs paper piecing

Little Dogs paper piecing~
Images available on the Small Dogs sheet.

Cat paper piecing

Cat paper piecing~
Cats from the Cats sheet.

Butterfly Paper Piecing

Butterfly Paper Piecing~
Butterflies from the Odd Animals sheet.

Big Eye dog & Lounging dog

Big Eye Dog~
I drew this cutey. Its on the Small Dogs sheet.
Its printed in back Memories. The background is printed paper.
Lounging Dog~
I drew this guy when I was 10! Hes available on the Big Dogs sheet.
All is stamped in Memories black. The ribbon is attached with eyelets.