Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bobble Head clothing

I made these for Maya Rae for Xmas. She said she loved Bobble Heads (Littlest Pet Shop) so much that she wished she had them on clothes.
I scanned some of ther LPS stickers then printed them out on iron-ons.
I put a big version of her current favorite on a $4 T from Walmart and then smaller ones on all the unprinted pairs in a pack of underwear.
She was DELIGHTED!!!

Japanese Shirt

This Japanese symbol is the "Year of the Horse". I took the image from the internet, cleaned it up on Adobe and then printed it onto an iron on. I used a black T from Walmart. The iron-ons say to use no steam but I figured out by accident a few years ago that if you DO use steam you can get a worn in/ vintage look so this time I did use steam to age the look a little.

Meditating Chicken turned book

Meditating Chicken turned book.
This painting/book was a gift for my friend, Heather. I asked her what she liked best and she gave me a list.....chickens, meditation, pink peace signs, tulips, swirls, saige green and anything happy and girly :)
So hows this?
I turned this painting into a book in the same way as the 'Great Spirit Rabbit' below.

Meditating Chicken

~Meditating Chicken~
Medium: Acrylics and ink on cardboard

Great Spirit Rabbit turned book

This is the Great Spirit Rabbit painting turned into a book.
This was inspired by a little hand made book I saw at the North East Baha'i Conference this month. An aquantence showed me her book. She had gotton it in Africa as I recall. It was simple with white pages and a cardboard cover. She had filled it with quotes, prayers and pictures that made her happy. I was moved by this and came home to make my own.
I painted the cardboard (4.5"x6") then I cut 30 pieces of card stock to size. Then it was all stacked together and clipped in place. I used a tiny drill bit to make the holes along the edge. I used multi colored string and sewed the layers together. I added a ribbon so I can tie it closed. (assuming it will get bulky with time)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Great Spirit Rabbit

~Great Spirit Rabbit~
Medium: Acrylics and ink on cardboard